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About Shark Wire

Ever since 1971 Sharkwire has been manufacturing “best in class” cables.

And ever since 1971 Sharkwire has practiced cable manufacturing with a helicopter view. That is, we not only have the theoretical but also the real-life manufacturing knowledge and experience to make the “best in class” cables. So, Sharkwire is the only company which can do it all in-house, with standard as well as proprietary designed machines. Our knowledge, craftsmanship and attention for detail are unparalleled.

Since 2009 Sharkwire has added a new department: The Very Best Cables department.

Goal: Only making the very best cables.

Jacob GunterTo achieve this goal, cooperation was established with Mr. Jacob Gunter, President of Lieder cables and former Sales & Marketing Manager of Siltech cables, who joined the Sharkwire team in 2009, so we could co-develop the different unique technologies, such as the advanced and high-tech SAPT plating, as well as other unique technologies, explained more in detail in our Technology pages. Why he was chosen? For decades Lieder cables has build an enviable reputation when it comes to the use of pure silver wires as well as its twisting technology.

All in all, Sharkwire not only needed the very best cables but also the very best connectors and the very best terminations, we call these Triple AAA Connections. All were developed and made in-house.

Please see our Technology pages for more detailed information.

All cable models feature these three technologies:

  • Multi Triangle Technology
  • Multi Twisting Technology
  • Multi Gauge Technology

Mastering one technology already requires quite some knowledge, let alone the three combined!

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