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AAD K speakers are designed to provide high quality, hi-fi sound in pro-audio applications. They are ideal for MUSIC / PA distribution in public indoor places and can withstand continuos high power playing with utmost dependability.

The K series loudspeakers have flat frequency response on and off axis in the horizontal plane and controlled directivity in the vertical. So even in less than ideal acoustic situations, these speakers can deliver clean, full frequency sound.

Considerable research and development was undertaken to design all individual components from proprietary transducers featuring massive motor structures (for greater efficiency, low distortion and high dynamic capability) right down to the custom made screws and inserts that are made in the AAD factory. Great attention to detail in all aspects of development of the K series makes these speakers learly out perform the competition not only sonically but also in build quality, dependability and cost. These Loudspeakers simply excel in unforgiving environments; materials such as our butyl rubber surrounds will never degrade. Heavy duty 4 layer copper voice-coils are wound on oversized high temperature KAPTON formers giving K series woofers unprecedented power handing, bass punch and dynamics that has to be heard to be believed.

The K tweeter is also an uncompromising performer. Used in dual array in the K-8mkII or quadruple array in the K-10mkII, gives a broader sound field and higher power handling than typical PA horns. This transducer is tough but also refined in delivering crisp sizzling highs. This is accomplished by using a single low inductance aluminum ribbon voice coil immersed in a magnetic fluid.It provides lower distortion and higher sound pressure levels than could ever be achieved with any other comparable size transducer.

Passive crossovers in PA systems are renowned for their negative side affect for soaking up valuable amplifier watts. So we used a different approach to convention. First step was to develop low frequency speakers that did not require passive filtering. K series woofers are directly coupled to the amplifier. The result is tighter, punchy and more dynamic sound. A minimum phase, 12dB filter network was optimized for the HF units. The balance of offering enough protection from harmful low frequency signals along with seamless overall drive unit integration and superb transient response.

K seres cabinets are tough too, made from 3/4 inch precision machined PVC clad MDF. Curved perforated steel grills offer maximum protection to the drive units. Rugged boxes not only contribute to protection from abuse and reduce cabinet coloration.

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