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H.O.M.E. Automation Series


GreenCare . HealthCare . Security . Entertainment



Buying an Information Appliance (IA) System has become increasingly difficult over the last ten years. Finding the right equipments and services can be a frustrating and laborious process ending in dissatisfaction. AMC can now fill the needs of those people who take their GreenCare, HealthCare, Security and Entertainment seriously, with more to judge than ever before and from one convenient source with up to the minute products and services.

AMC has made every effort to develop, design, and manufacture IA systems and services that not only offer performance but, complete solutions. Solutions that offer no built in obsolescence, but IA systems and services that become a tool to a wonderful place for you and your family. Thus, your changing needs have inspired AMC to integrate IA systems and services into your life's demands. Beginning with a simple IA system, to a complete Community System linking all families together.

Establishing a high quality IA system with the best of each world, is possible. Taking the system a step further and share all information through the whole community or the whole world through Internet is no longer a dream.

AMC H.O.M.E. Automation Series illustrates our commitment to offer total system integration for IA systems in your living and working environments.

AMC products and services, engineered in London/Los Angeles, offer every important detail possible while still maintaining a "value priced position." AMC designs are clear examples of our ability to produce very high quality systems and services at affordable prices. AMC believes quality of IA products and services must cover GreenCare, HealthCare, Security and Entertainment simultaneously.  

About AMC

A Brand of IA services operated by End Users, Dealers, Reps, Distributors, Manufacturers and Developing people together:

It was a shift in direction within the IA industry that led to the formation of AMC IA systems and services. The manufacturers of IA equipments (particularly the rapidly expanding giant firms) were taking over all aspects of sales and distribution, causing the independent distributor and dealer to lose control of the market place. But the existed a group of IA enthusiasts who believe that, in the GreenCare, HealthCare, Security and Entertainment industry, the major marketing and sales input should come from the people who actually purchased or sold the systems and services. They had revolutionary idea: to form a Brand operated by the End Users, Dealers, Reps, Distributors, Manufacturers and Developing people together.

AMC brand name was generated by computer and started to be used in 1970 with the concept of generating Merit one step ahead of others (Advanced Merit Concept) forwiring city products started from components, computer accessories, machinery&home appliances (later we call them H.O.M.E. Automation Series of products). In 1984, AMC started to develop and produce and generate a new category of product call H/E/C products. And AMC Graphic designer, Mike, designed a logo for the H/E/C products.

Products/ Services of H.O.M.E. Automation Series at the year of 2000,
the H/E/C products and services were updated to Information Appliances (IA) in order to go with the 21st century.

Today, AMC products/ systems/ services are sold and serviced in over 50 countries around the world for H.O.M.E. Automation products/ services and more than 30 countries for IA products/ services.

The basic philosophy of AMC products is "LIFE":
AMC IA Systems/ Services with 25 Year Life using Module Concept.
For the 25 year of life, AMC Products/ Systems/ Services will keep growing with Higher and Higher Value for the Money and keep improving on features, specifications, designs and reliability.

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