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INCRECABLE members  worked for a famous audio company as leader team of the development department. However, they dissatisfied with the job, they decided to found their own business in 2002.  Since then its products have been welcomed by audiophiles and music fans all over the world.  In the same year, they established INCRECABLE Acoustic Laboratory Company. For INCRECABLE members, this company was a place where they were able to do things that had been impossible under mass production at previous audio company, that is, enhancing the precision of manufacturing, pursuing handmade production and experimenting with new ideas freely. Of course, all the products were designed, built and inspected by INCRECABLE Acoustic Laboratory themselves.


  Here are photos and descriptions of some of the equipment and tools we use on our electronics audio bench to test equipment for our development.


We use a Model 257 tube tester (below middle) to test most newer tubes. It has a roll chart listing settings for most tubes it tests and we also have additional data for testing obsolete and foreign tubes.

Our Supreme I-177 B tube tester (above left) is used to test most valuable vacuum tubes including antique 4 and 5 pin tubes (01A, 83, etc.). The I-177 series testers were well built, military testers which utilized the Hickok circuits. They were produced by several manufactures for the military including Hickok and Supreme  Instruments. Our I-177 B was manufactured by Supreme around 1950 and has a booklet with the tube settings in the cover.

You will also see a Triplett 2413 tube tester on the bench that we use for non-critical "quick checks" like shorts and open/close checks on eye tubes. This reduces the wear and tear on our more expensive tube testers. Test data for all our tube testers is also stored and searchable on the workbench computer to speed up finding tube settings and reduce the wear and tear on the testers paper roll charts and booklets. 

            Model 257                     EMC 200                     HICKOK Military


Several thousand vacuum tubes are kept for test equipment and development. Once tubes are  tested,they are stored in our tube racks or in one of our Audio Grade tube caddies.

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